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Getting over a cold is one thing. Working with someone that doesn't cover their mouth is completely different.
Well, it's the 31st of December and the last day of 2014. Man, what an awesome year this was!!!! I really enjoyed myself and this will be the year I will never forget. There have been ups and downs but overall, this has been a a great year in my life!

First off, this year marked my first time going to an actual live rock concert. Around September, I went to go to see Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden at the Verizon Amphitheater in Irvine, California. This was just awesome! It was worth the trip from Santa Monica and man, even though we got tickets up in the top of a hill, seeing the event was just awesome! I'll never forget the whole bathroom experience while there. Having to hop a fence just to take a piss was crazy, but let me tell you, it was better than having to wait two hours in a line that practically went all around the corner. I couldn't believe how long it was. As I'm waiting in line, I'm looking around to see alternative routes and I notice these guys all facing a fence. I'm thinking to myself, What are they doing? Low and behold, they're whipping it out and just going with their backs turned. I attempt to do so, but just felt awkward as hell so I just hop this fence and go there. As I'm going, I hear someone yell, "Hey!!!" Freaked out and sure it was probably a guard, I turn around and luckily it's just a passerby yelling at his kid. Done, I hop the fence again almost falling on my ass and then return to the concert. Damn, that was a close one, but like Ian Malcolm says in Jurassic Park: "When you gotta go, you gotta go." Having gone, I then return to the event and NIN come on the stage and the fun continues. I seriously loved that event. The lights, the cheers, the music, the singers! It was like being in a YouTube video! If this were the 80s or late 90s I would have probably said it was like being inside an MTV video, but you get the gist. I took countless pictures of the event and probably need to delete some of them since my phone is probably filled with them. But they are just so cool and I can't wait to go to my next concert! The lame part was having to wait 3 hours in traffic just to get out of there. So, we listen to the entire Smash album and then some more as we await.

One spectacular place I went to this year was the Lake Shrine Temple just a few blocks from the Pacific Ocean in Pacific Palisades, California. Now, this place is spectacular! I am so glad this is one of my hot spots in 2014. Ever wonder if there's a place in Southern California to just relax and get away from the buzz of the city? Well, this place is it. As I'm driving to meet a friend up there, I park and am automatically welcomed by the awesome staff working there. I get a bit lost, but then find my way to this beautiful large garden full of statues and stairs and the best part, it's nice, peaceful and quiet! Amazed by the view from the top of the stairs, I realize there is more to be seen and continue on my way. As I reach the bottom, I notice there's a monument which contained some of the ashes of Mahatma Gandhi. I feel like I'm literally walking in a history book. Heading the peaceful sounds of birds, water, and air I was in heaven. Literally. I could spend all day there and I will definitely be returning to this place in 2015 without a doubt. 

In addition, I got a new job in September and now work two jobs. It's been a little tough having to manage my time between two jobs though. Forgetting to work one day and going to work the other day without needing to work, haha! I'm sure I'll master that one of these days. But hey, I do my best. I'm actually pretty dedicated to both of my jobs and hopefully that shows upon my employers. As for my life in the field of art, I was taking a little break from it but plan on going full force in 2015 with much positivity and hope in the future. A year ago, I already created my own website with the help of a very good friend of mine and I will be adding more art pieces to it as the months go on. Keep a look out!

These past few months however, have seen me gaining a bit of weight. I gained 6 pounds since last I can remember and my New Year's Resolution is to get back to the gym on a daily basis and workout three times a week starting...on Monday. Yes, I also have a procrastination problem, but in all honesty, who doesn't? I've been getting better about it, but it's totally time for a change. As the years go by, I've come to realize that I'm not getting any younger and the time to make a difference is now not later. It's just hard to resist a cookie or two...and the some...especially during the holidays. I always find myself rationalizing that I can enjoy some sweets no matter what time of the year it is, but when it's holiday season, I certainly rationalize. Must resist the temptation. Maybe next year I can think of a cookie and imagine that it looks and tastes like a carrot. Haha! In addition, I also saw a recent special on KCET that keeping good posture will ensure that you will live a better life.

This is also the year where I introduce myself to podcasts. Not knowing exactly what they were at the time, I come to be obsessed with them and listen to them all the time. Why be a slave to the radio where there are a mess of nonstop commercials, at times bad music, and just a bunch of static? With my iPod, I can listen to the topics and subjects that interest me, such as James Bond, Star Trek, Jurassic Park and more! I am so glad that I have an iPod and I take it with me wherever I go. Did I just sound like a commercial or what?  I know I sound a bit old school, but call me old fashioned. I use my phone to talk and text and my iPod to listen to music. Well, mainly because I have an Android and not an iPhone. Heck, I've been using an CD player up until early last year. The music industry must love me.

As for movies, this year has been soso with the movies. There have been some great ones and some not so great ones. Seeing Dumb and Dumber To was awesome! Especially after having to wait 20 years since the last movie. I was pleased. Speaking of movies, this year marked the first time I ever went to a drive-in theater! That's right folks! Just like talking M&M's they do exist! The one I went to with the gf was in La Puente, California and man was it cool! I've seen several movies there and it's awesome! I mean, nothing beats the big screen of a movie theater but the way prices are these days, if there's a drive-in near you, go for it! It's much cheaper too. All you have to do is get your ticket, park your car and set it to the right radio frequency and you're ready to enjoy! Just make sure that you're windshield is clean.

In conclusion, I am grateful to be healthy, alive, motivated and positive with this new year coming just around the corner. There's not a day that goes by where I'm not thinking about how I'm grateful for all those in my life. I have a great girlfriend, who's always there for me through thick and thin, I have a car to get me places, I have the best family in the world and the best parents money can buy. Having positive people in my life make me realize I can do anything I put my mind to and it just requires that I take the time and see that. I'm also grateful to be live in Southern California. This will always be my home no matter where I go in the world. And most of all, I'm proud of the person I am today and look forward to enjoying a long life of wonder and fun. Thank you all for making this a worthwhile year and I'll see you all next year! Happy 2015 everyone!!!

THIS JUST IN! I just found out that Christine Cavanagh, the woman behind the voice of Chuckie Finster from Rugrats has passed away. Unreal! Just a few days ago, I was making a delivery in Hollywood, California and I drove by Klasky Csupo--the studio behind Nickelodeon's Rugrats--and there are images of the characters from Rugrats on the front of the building, including the character played by Cavanaugh! There have been so many deaths!!! Not just celebrity deaths, but deaths in general this year and it is quite sad. As for celebrities, they used to come in threes but now it's like they are dropping like flies. I'm not saying that those three don't matter, I'm just saying that dang...if there is one negative thing about this year, it's the death of the celebrities! We will miss you Christine Cavanaugh! Let's all take a moment of silence for those we have lost this year:

Philip Seymour Hoffman
Harold Ramis
Christine Cavanaugh
Casey Kasem
Robin Williams
Richard Attenborough
James Garner
Shirley Temple
Lauren Bacall
Elaine Stritch
Richard Kiel
Geoffery Holder
Mickey Rooney
Eli Wallach
Bob Hoskins

Please read the rest here!…

You all will be deeply missed. All of you have made an impression on my life and I will forever have you in my memory and my movies. As for movies, I cannot wait until 2015! I have such high anticipation! The release of the next Jurassic Park film will finally hit theaters after a long 14 year wait! Jurassic World will be released on July 12th! The 24th James Bond film, SPECTRE is set for a release in November '15 and last but not least, STAR WARS: EPISODE VII - THE FORCE AWAKENS will hit theaters in Christmas! How much better could it be? Granted, I don't care if the films will suck or not, I'm just looking forward to a year full of movies I grew up with and love! Terminator comes back in the 5th film, Terminator:  Genisys and yes, it will star post-Governor Ahhhnnold.

To highlight this entry, I'd like to list the many places I plan on visiting in 2015! Let the bucket list begin! I'm just writing these ones down as they pop into my head. There is no general order. The important thing is that I visit there!

New York, USA
Hollywood Sign
England, UK
Ireland, UK
Pinewood Studios
Vienna, Austria (again)
Prague, Czech Republic (again)
San Francisco, California
Yosemite National Park
Paris, France
Amazon Rain Forest

okay, that's enough for now but this list will be ever-going!


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